Farewell Doesn't Mean Forever -- Paisly Kirkpatrick

Farewell Doesn't Mean Forever

Stunned to have stared at his own reflection on another man's face, Matthias Martel discovers he has a grown son. He'd been robbed and by God, he'd know why!

Victoria Thatcher had never forgotten the son she'd been forced to give up, or the man who'd given him to her. Free of her father's dominating hold, she wonders if she still has the right to disrupt their lives.

Matthias is hunting for the woman who ruined his life and took his son from him. He knows who might have convinced her to rip his life apart, but that doesn't matter. He prays when he finds Victoria, his heart can endure seeing her again and survive making her tell him why she would deny him her love and the son he'd always wanted.

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He pulled away from her. He'd never been driven so out of control in his life. Matthias paced back and forth trying to cool his temper.  "What was it, Sabine, three weeks ago that you told me you loved me? Hah! You'd say anything to be dramatic. Anything to get your own way." He leaned close to her face. "Never again!"

He started for the doorway, but stopped before he reached it. "Set things right with my son, or you will regret every breath you breathe for the rest of your miserable life."

Matthias walked down the backstairs and out of the house. He would find peace near Isabella. When he reached her gravesite, Matthias walked inside the white picket fence that surrounded her grave. He sat on the bench Hank placed across from his sister's headstone. It took a while for his breathing to calm. His senses to return.

"Dear God, what has our mother done, Isabella? She made your life miserable, and now I find she stole my life from me. He sank his head into his hands and bawled.

Footsteps sounded behind him. He sat up and wiped his eyes. "I don't want to talk to you right now, Hank."

"It's me, Father."

Matthias stood.

Matt entered the small cemetery and walked into his open arms. Tears of joy washed away the hurt and anger. His heart swelled holding the son he'd never known he had.

Matthias finally pulled back. "All these years wasted because my mother sent your mother away without my knowledge. If I'd only known, all of our lives would have been so different. Do you forgive me?"

Matt sat on the bench and Matthias joined him. "There's nothing to forgive, Father. Tell me about my mother."

"She is the most beautiful woman in the universe."