The Snow Maidens Mountie-- Paisly Kirkpatrick

The Snow Maiden's Mountie #7

A knock to his head left him a man without a memory. Alone with a woman he didn't know in the middle of a snowstorm, Michel Martel had two big problems on his plate. Too bad the lost memory amounted to the lesser of the two. The woman, on the other hand, was an avalanche of problems rolled into one.

Lisette Dupont was a woman on a mission, and that mission was to get as far from her uncle as possible. Having her knight in fur-flocked armor losing his memory as she began her getaway to Canada had been the one hiccup she hadn't planned on. Now, she wondered if she could save the man of her dreams before they both freeze to death on her escape to the freedom she desperately wanted.

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Lizzie stared wide-eyed at her Mountie running through the brush toward her. She wanted to alert him of the danger, but a sharp blade held against her neck kept her quiet.

Before he realized they had company, another brave jumped Clarence from behind. He landed face down onto the snow. Two braves led both of their horses and the pack mule to the water's edge.

She wanted to check on Clarence, but the brave who held her gripped tighter. Fear coursed through her. Lizzie jerked her head back and forth. She didn't understand a word of what he said but knew she was annoying him. He loosened his grip, and at the first chance she had, Lizzie dropped to her knees. The man pulled Lizette to her feet and shoved her toward her mare. He motioned for her to mount. Lizzie glanced around for Clarence. Her heart sank. He'd was tied over his saddle -- blood seeped out of the head wound.
They rode west along the river's edge for what seemed hours. At sunrise, Lizzie smelled smoke a few moments before they entered an encampment of round, skin-covered huts. Women and children stopped what they were doing to stare.

Finally, they stopped. A young man pulled Lizette from the saddle and pushed her into one of the huts. A few moments later, an unconscious Clarence was carried inside and laid on a skin closer to the entrance.
Once they were alone, she moved close to him and saw his chest moving up and down. She let out a deep, painful sigh. Thankfully, he had lived through the long, uncomfortable ride here. Lizette shook Clarence, but he didn't respond. What do I do next?